Grilled Scallops

I saw these Grade A scallops at Costco for a great price and new I had to have them.  The weather is warm so I thought grilling them would be great.  I skewered them on 2 skewers, which made it much easer to flip them over, especially since they cook so quickly.  While the grill was getting really hot, I rubbed the scallops with some canola oil (I didn’t want olive oil to overpower their delicate flavor) and kosher salt and freshly cracked pepper.  I grilled them for 2 minutes on each side and they came out perfectly cooked!  I paired it with a Pinot Grigio (from Costco as well) and a light salad and I was in heaven!  Next time I want to make a pea puree with some fresh herbs, to go with the scallops – doesn’t that sound good?

Don’t forget, Cinco de Mayo is on Thursday……I’m thinking I might make sweet corn tamales……..

“When you know how to eat, you know how to cook.”