10 Gift Ideas for People Who Love Food


Hello there, I know it’s been quite awhile since I’ve posted.  There’s been a lot going on, but I am back in business and ready to cook, eat, and share…Looking for gifts for that favorite foodie of yours?  Or perhaps a gift for yourself?  Here are my top 10 Gift Ideas for People Who Love Food:

1 – Muddler, bottle of light Rum, & my Mojitos For a Crowd recipe.  This recipe has been tested many times and my family and friends can vouch for its addictiveness.  It’s a fun drink and it goes well with many menus.  Plus, muddling is easy, adds so much flavor, and you look like a mixologist!


2 – The Original Bacon Kit – Only $22 for the kit and you are on your way to homemade bacon.  Available at Sur la Table.  Time slows down for me when I shop there.  Truly, anything from this store would be a good gift.


3 – The Lemonade Cookbook & The True Food Kitchen Cookbook– I have both of these cookbooks and love them.  From The Lemonade Cookbook: the mac and cheese recipe is to die for, and I can’t wait to try the Chinese long beans with plum vinaigrette and so many other inspiring salads, braises, down-home desserts, and of course, the different lemonades. From The True Food Kitchen Cookbook – even if the only thing you make is the kale salad, this book is worth it – it will transform any kale-hater.  The umami sauce is amazing and I can’t wait to try the Chicken Dumplings with Cilantro-Za’tar Sauce – international, healthy cuisine at its best.  If you’re in L.A., make time to visit both of these restaurants to sample some of their delicious delights.


4 – Cheesemaking Kit – Ever want to try and make your own mozzarella?  Try this kit.  I just re-discovered it in my garage after reorganizing my kitchen.  Can’t wait for homemade cheese.  And it’s on sale for $20 right now at Zingermans.com!  Anything from Zingerman’s will bring a smile to your face – check out their other amazing offerings.


5 – Foodie Fight GameTrivial Pursuit, Foodie Style.  So much fun and really interesting.  I own it and highly recommend it.


6 – Murder Mystery Party Kit – Lethal luau?   Pasta, Passion, and Pistols?  They organize it all for you(invitations, menus, character descriptions) for under $20.  Help find Pepi Roni’s murderer!  Add some wine and you have a fun night ahead.


7 – Silicone Reusable Yogurt or Ice Pop Squeeze Tubes, My kids love these – refrigerated or frozen!  And they’re BPA free.  If getting for someone with a baby, throw in some cute handmade bibs from Etsy.

8 – Farmers Market – Support your local farmers market and put together a basket with cheese and fruit.  Who doesn’t love cheese?  Just sayin’.


9 – Cooking Magazine SubscriptionFine Cooking is one of my favorite magazines and it sort of flies under the radar.  It’s kind of like Cooks Illustrated, but there are color pictures and the cuisine is more worldly than CI.  It’s $30 for a year, but it’s well worth it.  Another one of my favorites is Bon Appetit – they always have good recipes and articles – and it’s only $12 for a year right now.  Subscriptions are the gift that keeps on giving.


10 – Salts and a Salt Container – Ah, salt – it’s music to my ears.   There’s Hawaiian (perfect for poke), Fleur de Sel or Gray Salt (great for salted caramels or for a delicious finishing touch) – so many options, really.  Check out your local Whole Foods for a great variety.  Pair it with a cute and functional salt container (I have this one and love it) and you’ve got a great gift.

Happy Holidays, my food lovin’ friends!

“A man who was fond of wine was offered some grapes at dessert after dinner. ‘Much obliged,’ said he, pushing the plate aside, ‘I am not accustomed to take my wine in pills.” – Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin in 1825.


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