Celebrating Mardi Gras with Po’ Boys!

In honor of Mardi Gras a couple of weeks ago, we decided to check out Uncle Darrow’s Cajun Creole Eatery – twice in one week!  This was easy to do because it was delicious and it happens to be right around the corner from our house.  I don’t have any good pics from our first night’s feast because we were hungry and we ate before I could snap any pics.  On Fat Tuesday we had File Gumbo (with seafood, sausage, and chicken in a perfect dark roux), Fried Chicken Wings (with amazing hush puppies), Jambalaya, and an Oyster Po’ Boy (with homemade bread).  Everything was flavorful and a little spicy, but my favorite was the po’ boy: the bread was delicious, the oysters were succulent with a crunchy cornmeal coating, and the sandwich was dressed well with just enough mayo and lettuce and some pickles that added the perfect balance to the sandwich.  On our second trip to Uncle Darrow’s we had a Crawfish boil and a Soft Shell Crab Po’ Boy (both specials that were not on the regular menu).

I’ve never had crawfish before and it was really fun eating them.  I twisted the tail off and sucked the head (which was spicy since they were boiled in lots of spices)……yum. The Soft Shell Crab Po’ Boy was so satisfying – great bread, sweet crab, lettuce, mayo, and pickles.  I will be back again and again and again for those Po’ Boys.


4 thoughts on “Celebrating Mardi Gras with Po’ Boys!

  1. This is right up Matthew’s Food Alley! When he comes down you can bet we will be going here! Not my “Glass of wine” but the Po’Boys sound great!

  2. The first Oyster Po’Boy I ever had was in a place called the Five Cs- this restaurant near USC. I took a bite and felt a crunch. One of my oysters had a good sized pearl in it!

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