Homemade Sushi for Valentine’s Day

Since yesterday was Valentine’s Day I wanted to make it special by cooking up something fun with my kids, so we decided on sushi (spicy tuna rolls, asparagus rolls, beet rolls, nigiri tuna and scallop sashimi).  The kids were leery of raw fish, but enjoyed making and eating asparagus sushi. Here is peanut #1 spreading the rice:

I learned to make sushi from Nick Nishi, who owns Hamakaze Sushi & Izakaya, when he taught a class last year.  His restaurant is amazing and not only includes sushi, but small Japanese tapas-style plates.  I highly recommend it if you are looking for a great sushi place in West LA!


One thought on “Homemade Sushi for Valentine’s Day

  1. Wow Tracy , we aren’t sushi Savey so when we get together could you suggest a place to begin as new-be’s Our friends just love sushiand we aren’t really familiar with it.. Please coach us… and love Peanut #1……of course #2 as well..That is awesome that you have the kids involved in the art of cooking..I know Kyle has Aiden as a big helper…….I’m sure as soon as Eli matures he will be joining the ranks of cooks, chefs and bakers…That kid can out eat everyone!

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