Pupusas at the Farmers Market!

I had the most amazing pupusa this morning at the Westchester Farmers Market – Beans, cheese, a cabbage salad (curtido), and spicy salsa – all for only $2!  Seriously, those El Salvadorans need to raise their prices.  I’ll do some blogging soon about our trip to El Salvador that my family took a few months ago, and I’ll also show you how I made my own pupusas at home.  They taste extraordinary, they are healthy, and they are very easy to make!  For now, just drool over the picture above.


2 thoughts on “Pupusas at the Farmers Market!

  1. We had a live-in housekeeper from El Salvador and she sure cooked our family some of the best dishes I’ve ever eaten..She made a hot potato salad dish that was to droooooool

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