Mushroom Marsala Lasagna

Let me start by saying that my husband said this is one of the best things I have ever made – that’s big praise from a man who does not get nearly as excited as I do about food.  As far as lasagna goes, I’m not a big fan of ricotta cheese ( I prefer it in desserts), so I don’t find myself liking most lasagnas.  I do, however, love the combination of mushrooms and marsala and have been wanting to make a mushroom lasagna for awhile.  I had planned on doing a bechemel with sauteed mushrooms, but this recipe I found from Gourmet magazine, takes it a few steps further with flavorful porcini mushrooms and whipped cream on top!  You can find their recipe for Mushroom Lasagne with that link.  I did make a few changes and here they are:

  • I used marsala instead of sherry (personal preference).  The recipe calls for 2 T to be stirred into the cream sauce when it’s finished, I added 3T because I couldn’t taste the marsala with only 2T.
  • I used cremini mushrooms instead of white mushrooms because I’m a mushroom snob.
  • I added more salt (kosher salt) and not quite as much nutmeg.
Absolutely delicious!  If you like mushrooms, then you have to make this – you will not be disappointed!

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