Creole Beer Can Chicken – little work, Big flavor



Beer can chicken is not something I grew up with. My friend, Brock, introduced it to me on a camping trip awhile back. I was floored with the amazing flavor and super juicy meat that resulted from such little work. There are 4 ingredients to this recipe: a chicken, a can of beer, Tony Chachere’s delicious creole seasoning, and half a lemon or lime. Pictured below is a simple contraption that I use(although it’s not necessary), which keeps the rendered fat from dripping down and flaming up (and you can use that chicken fat to make tasty roast vegetables).
Screen Shot 2016-05-04 at 5.19.24 PM

The recipe is simple:

For a gas grill: Put all burners on high for 15 minutes. Generously rub Tony Cacheres seasoning all over the chicken, inside the body cavity, and under the skin of the breasts. Open beer and drink half of it! Put chicken on top of the beer can chicken contraption and put lemon half on top of the hole. Shut off middle burner and put chicken in the middle (breast facing out) and close the grill. If using charcoal, cook over indirect heat. Cook for about an hour – giving it a peek once or twice. Check the temp with a thermometer to make sure it’s cooked through. Use washable silicone oven mitts or wadded up paper towels (while someone is holding down the bowl below) to remove the chicken. I put the chicken on a cutting board that has a trench carved into it, which catches the juices, so it doesn’t go all over your counter. Allow chicken to rest for about 15-20 minutes. Proceed to fight over the delicious skin, then cut up and enjoy.

Seriously, you need to make this.


My friend, Brock, and the first beer can chicken I ever tasted.


Keep calm, and grill on.


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